“This life. You are human, endless unfolding and evolving like a magnificant flower that fades and dies. Dare to die to be reborn again. Let go. Over and over again. Endless presence with all there is. True love has no preference. Contraction and expansion. Dark and light one and the same. New life is born from the darkness of the womb. Are you ready to sit with the darkness of your inside emtpiness? Or are you still hiding, running, avoiding.. holding on to what you’re not…

It is okay to be scared, but know that you are guided to become what you are meant to be become AND have always been. No matter what. You don’t have to try, you don’t have to work hard, you don’t have to improve anything. You… perfect creature. We watch over you and you are held safe.

Now go out and play. Enjoy this God given world. What if there is nowhere to get, nothing to prove and no-one to impress? What if all the love and happiness you are struggling to find is right here right now. What if happiness is a state of mind more than an accomplishment? Doesn’t that sound cheesy?

I know it sounds too good to be true and I know it annoys the shit out of your “I have to work hard to earn anything”- attitude.

Listen to your inside knowing. Listen….

You don’t need a succesful business, relationship, marriage, children, money, travelling, perfect body, fancy clothes, <fill in the blanc> to be worthy of love. You are already perfect. And you can and will have all of that and more if you want. Believe this to be true.

But for now… I give you permission to play, have fun and enjoy yourself. I release you from your duty. Your only mission is to laugh, hug, love, cry, dance, write, and PLAY, PLAY, PLAY. Otherwise your life looks like a boring to do list and it’s truly offending your Creator my beloved.

Cry when you cry, sleep when you sleep, scream when you’re angry, and always always dance.

Till we meet again… ”

(picture taken at a garden at Bilthoven. Artist unknown).